Tuition Waivers

For Spouses & Children of Fallen Firefighters & Emergency Paramedics

The Arizona Firefighters & Emergency Paramedics Memorial Board is charged with approving tuition waivers for children of firefighters and paramedics killed in the line of duty. There is some confusion over who is eligible for this benefit and how this benefit is obtained. The process is as follows:

A.R.S. 15-1808 States

The tuition waiver scholarships shall be limited to children who are thirty years of age or younger or a spouse who has not remarried and shall be limited for a spouse or for any one child to no more than sixty four credit hours at Arizona community colleges and a total number of credits including any transfer credits from an Arizona community college equal to the number of credits required for a baccalaureate degree at Arizona universities for that student’s initially declared course of study. Credits are cumulatively tallied for the entire community college system and are monitored on a semester by semester basis.

To Utilize a Waiver

At least 90 days before needed, submit a request in writing or by email to Bryan Jeffries, Arizona Firefighters & Emergency Paramedics Memorial Board:

Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
61 E. Columbus Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012

For additional questions, contact Crystall Allman, 602-277-1500 or by email at today. Thank you.

Tuition Waivers
Include in the request:

  • Name of fallen Firefighter or paramedic
  • Potential student’s name
  • Student date of birth and social security number
  • Student or parent address, email and telephone number
  • Name of Arizona college or university to be attended
  • Beginning date of study

Once the Request is Approved:

  1. The Board will send an approval notice to the Governor’s Office who will issue an approval letter to:
    a. The parent and/or student.
    b. The Maricopa Community College’s District Office of Public Stewardship (For the Maricopa Community     Colleges, Ms. Teresa Toney, other involved community college districts will be notified directly)
    c. The Arizona Board of Regents (Ms. Peggy Martin), For ASU, UofA and NAU
  2. Upon receipt of the Governor’s Approval letter, the community college will enter the student’s name into a database and notify the admissions/enrollment offices and the fiscal/cashier’s offices and the Arizona Board of regents will notify the financial aid officers at each university. For community college districts with more than one college, all colleges will be notified. For the state universities, all universities will be notified.
  3. Student should first register for classes with the admissions/enrollment office.
  4. Student should fill out and present the Qualified Non-Employee Waiver Form to the college’s fiscal/cashier’s office. The fiscal/cashier’s office will apply the waiver to the credit hour cost of the courses. The waiver does not apply to any fees associated with a particular course nor enrollment fees at a college.
  5. If a student enrolls in more than one college in a District at the same time, a completed form should be presented to the cashier’s office at each respective college.
  6. A completed form should also be presented each semester that a student enrolls.