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The projected total costs for the Memorial, including design, communications, website, research and informational development, grounds preparation, electrical, sidewalks, the Living Tree Memorial, Wall of Honor, 11 Bronzes, perpetual flame, installation and a trust fund for perpetual maintenance is estimated at $1.2 million, with half the cost going to the bronze statues.

Corporations may donate directly or indirectly through services and materials. All donations will be made to a 501C3 non-profit established through Phoenix Firefighter Charities.

All contributions will be expended directly on the costs of the Memorial.  There are no administrative costs.  Sponsors will be recognized in printed materials, on the website and in press releases related to the Memorial.

Contributions may be made to:

Arizona Firefighters & Emergency Paramedics Memorial
c/o Phoenix Fire Fighters Charities
61 East Columbus
Phoenix, AZ 85012

All contributions are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided for tax purposes.

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