A Place to Reflect

Death does not come with old age, but with forgetting. Since 1902, 119 men and women have given their lives to protect and serve the Arizona community. House Bill 2136 allows a memorial to be built in Wesley Bolin Plaza dedicated to the courage and memory of those Arizona firefighters and paramedics.

image001With each loss of a firefighter, our lives have been lessened, but with each sacrifice, our lives have been enriched.

The Arizona Fallen Firefighters and Emergency Paramedics Memorial honors the firefighters, paramedics and Wildland Firefighters who left behind families and loved ones. We promise to honor these men and women who died in our cities, towns, forests and on our highways and never forget the sacrifices they made. We must remember to protect the future and to honor the spouses and children of these men and women, as these are the people for whom we must keep the memory of their loved ones alive. 

“No ray of sunshine is ever lost but the green that it awakens takes time to sprout, and it is not always given the sower to see the harvest.” -Albert Schweitzer

The Proposed Plan
A Blueprint of the Memorial

The Memorial Installation (2016)

Rusty Bowers, the memorial’s sculptor and legislator, drove the forklift to complete the memorial in October, 2016.