Proposed Plan

A Living Memorial

The Arizona Fallen Firefighters & Emergency Paramedics Memorial will be constructed on the eastern edge of Wesley Bolin Plaza as approved by the State Legislature in HB2136.

In the past 113 years, 119 firefighters & paramedics lost their lives in the line of duty. No statewide memorial exists. Forty other states have such statewide memorials. Recent losses include firefighters, paramedics, forest service personnel and others, all dedicated to protecting Arizona citizens from fire, flood and accidents. The Arizona Firefighters & Emergency Paramedics Memorial will be a living memorial honoring early deaths and, sadly enough, preparing for continuous growth.

Open space will be integral to the site, allowing families, individuals and groups to have a quiet moment, to sit and remember and to learn about these heroes.

The projected total costs for the Memorial, including design, communications, website, research and informational development, grounds preparation, electrical, sidewalks, benches, the Living Tree Memorial, Wall of Honor, 11 Bronzes, obelisk and perpetual flame, installation and a trust fund for perpetual maintenance is estimated at more than a million dollars, with half the cost going to the bronze statues and a large portion set aside for perpetual care. The memorial will include three distinct sets of bronzes representing professional firefighters, paramedics, and wildland firefighters.

There will be three distinct sets of bronzes:

  • Four will represent professional firefighters in an action scenario;
  • Two will represent paramedics in action; and
  • Three will represent fireland firefighters.

All drawings and visuals are ONLY possibilities. Professional artists and sculptors will render the final look and feel of the memorial bronzes and wall of honor.